LETTER: Working class need more help

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During my 96 years, I have heard many new Prime Ministers making promises on what they will do.

Theresa May claims she will look after the working class. I shall test this by her actions.

First, many workers get no pensions or sick pay from their employers. 
I have a friend who was made redundant as a project manager and rather than be unemployed went back on the tools some years ago. I have known him 22 years and until last month he had only had two days off sick. Following an operation he has to be off work for six weeks with only state sickness benefit. What will Theresa May do about this?

Secondly, hundreds of thousands of employees can work only part-time because of their responsibilities for children, disabled relatives or the elderly. They are unable to earn more than the £11,000 tax free income but like the rest of us have been paying an extra 2.5 pence in the pound on VAT imposed in 2010.

Thirdly, university students from the poorest families who got their degrees this year have student debts of about £55,000 and while the bank rate has gone down to 0.25 per cent, the interest on the loan has been increased to 4.2 per cent, increasing the debt by £200 a month. This is a treadmill which Theresa May should stop.

Charles R. Smith MBE

Yew Tree Drive, Chesterfield