LETTER: What has become of modern society?

I read Miriam Wood's letter in last week's Derbyshire Times and she clearly set out the creeping privatisation of the NHS which many feel is happening right under our noses.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 9:00 am

If you look at it logically, every GP practice is no longer in public control.

I remember how Thatcher and her ilk privatised our public utilities and railways and much more.

First they starved each of cash, ran them down and then blamed everything on being ‘nationalised’.

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They sold it all off, initially to the public in shares, then ultimately big business was able to cash in, and wasn’t held accountable to anyone, which I believe was the plan in the first place.

Even more disturbing is the news, and this is not fake news, that nurses are being made homeless because they can’t afford a permanent roof over their heads. In a report recently by the local government and social care ombudsman, it said that even people with stable jobs are becoming homeless. What has become of a modern society that allows this situation?

Of course the narrative is being perpetuated that only drunks, druggies and the ‘unfortunate’ are homeless, and any way they choose their fate.

The ombudsman clearly cited nurses as an example of the growing problem of people living in emergency accommodation.

I feel the government, for its part , is quite content to allow this situation to continue and it has no plans to alter things. The government will find out at the next election that the NHS still commands great respect among the people.

John Knight

Highfield Lane, Chesterfield