LETTER: We must work together to get A61 right

I would like to thank and agree greatly with Harvey Hill for his letter in the paper (November 30 '” '˜Danger of becoming one giant car park').

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 3:13 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st December 2017, 3:15 pm

There must be many people like minded believing the same about the A61.

An underpass or even a bridge on the Avenue site would stop a lot of road mayhem on the A61. With all the new building going on a more direct route to the bypass and the M1 is more than a good idea.

As Mr Hill says, on the Grassmoor side there is a road already there that would take traffic straight to the bypass and M1.

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Many years ago, at a meeting held for the benefit of residents around the Avenue site attended by local borough councillors many of the county councillors, great concern was shown by all there for the future traffic and the area’s ability to cope with all the new developments.

The problems that could or would be created by this great expansion along the A61 at Chesterfield, and I believe also Clay Cross, as motorists head for the M1.

The councillors were in agreement and supported residents that it should not take place as they feared for the problems it would cause at Horns Bridge. They did not wish it to happen.

Sat listening, I wondered why object to the building of new homes and businesses? The greater the number coming into Chesterfield and Clay Cross, the more it could only help them grow and prosper.

Now I will stand corrected on anything I write or say and if I am wrong I will apologise. I am trying to remember a meeting years ago.

However, the very same councillors seem to be the ones who that gave planning permission for many of the developments that are happening.

Why not look forward, as Mr Hill has suggested, to a crossing on the Avenue site under or over the railway?

The expense of this would be great but compared to the traffic congestion and hours lost in working hours and the accidents that would happen, a crossing would be cheap and be a natural saving over the years.

The railway will have views on this, its input and skills in building roads under or over the railway lines would be needed. It may well just say no way, good day.

But with the new HS2 coming through Chesterfield, if its customers cannot get into town because of grid lock, disagreeing would be counter productive.

Our county council, which is responsible for our roads, has changed hands just recently.

I would like to suggest it looks to this crossing as an answer to an ever growing problem. It would benefit any and all who use the A61 and protect Chesterfield and Clay Cross from gridlock.

Chesterfield, Clay Cross and all around is growing, we need all major planners to support each other and resolve transport problems before they become greater.

With all this new development, our hospitals and schools have to grow with it so these need a really hard look to get everything right .

It is all very exciting and the future for all looks good, let’s just get it right.

Adrian Mather

Alexandra Road East, Spital