LETTER: Use common courtetsy and shut up

Last Friday saw the renowned impressionist Rory Bremner bring to Chesterfield his '˜Party Political' tour. As the title suggests, Mr Bremner and guests attempts to make sense (and nonsense) from modern day politics.

Friday, 10th March 2017, 4:29 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:05 am

The Pomegranate Theatre was full, the audience looking forward to an entertaining evening of impressions and satirical political comedy from Mr Bremner and guests.

Whilst the clear majority of the audience were thoroughly enjoying the show, there were, however, certain individuals who thought themselves special enough to disrupt the show in some self-centred belief that they were justified in doing so.

One individual thought it quite within his rights to continually bark out objections at the stage when any language and/or content of the was not to his liking. What was he expecting I wonder?

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To top this, one woman thought it her duty to inform the stage loudly that she was ‘bored’!

Obviously not content with this one remark and wishing to disrupt the show even further, she continued to vocalise her unwanted objections on how she had ‘had enough’ of the subject matter and could they talk about something different. She obviously did not manage to work out what ‘Rory Bremner Party Political’ must have been about?

I could also include the two men who found their own conversation far more important and interesting than what was happening on the stage, as they continued this throughout the entire production. I could highlight the usual antics of the ‘phone brigade’, those continually tip-tapping on mobile phones, lighting up a square metre around them. This however has become commonplace and no amount of ‘you’re spoiling it for others’ is going to alter their behaviour and make them stop.

I keep asking, is it really impossible just to sit for a couple of hours and be entertained by something you have paid a substantial amount of money to see?

I don’t know what justification people give themselves to belligerently excuse their anti-social behaviour, completely ignoring what’s going on around them. Remember these are mature adults, not troublesome adolescents.

In future, please check what you are going to see before you go. Turn off your mobile phones, put them away in your pockets/handbags and leave them there.

When the production starts, have the common courtesy to SHUT UP… we are there to listen to what is happening on the stage, not to you!

If you don’t like what’s on or its not to your taste, have some consideration, head quietly for that mystical green light marked ‘EXIT’.

Richard Wright

By email