LETTER: Time for a fracking meeting so views can be aired

We are getting to the silly and dangerous stage where too much mis-information is being bandied around by everyone regarding fracking.

Sunday, 8th October 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:09 am
Do you support fracking?

Of course protesters against fracking will emphasise the problems and dangers as they see them.

It is good to be passionate to defend what you respect and love, especially if it is your family, community and environment that may be threatened.

It is perfectly right for Ineos to publish literature explaining the facts as they see them, and to hold exhibitions.

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It is reasonable for local residents to express the opinion that they are fed-up with being disturbed by too many facts or fake news.

But how many people know the true facts?

How many have looked at both sides of the argument rationally?

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Get fracking facts right

I am asked on a regular basis now by school pupils whom I tutor, what is this fracking we hear about? Could it be dangerous?

The time has come, soon, as events are moving fast, to have a large general public meeting.

Invite representatives of all views to put their case to a public audience, especially young people, whose future it will affect.

Perhaps the Derbyshire Times, a respected local guardian of balanced news, could publicise and facilitate such a meeting to clear the air? To look at facts in a more balanced way.

We can all sit in our ivory towers, play verbal ping-pong on the letters pages, but the time has come to meet face to face on the battleground of informed public opinion.

Charles Boss

Acting chairman,

Barlborough Against Fracking Group