LETTER: Stop moaning about Brexit and get over it

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Dave Johnson’s remoaner’s rant on a recent letters page beggars belief. He is classing everyone who voted for Brexit as little Englanders or as xenophobes.

I myself, Mr Johnson, voted for Brexit, and I am neither a little Englander, or a xenophobe.

How hollow does his letter sound?

He doesn’t seem to grasp the result of referendum, all he can do is call the voters who voted for Brexit names.

I myself have grandchildren, and in the near future great- grandchildren, and I believe that when I voted for Brexit the future wellbeing of this country will be enhanced, the country will not be governed by bureaucrats in Brussels who as a commission make all the rules and laws that overrule our own Parliament at Westminster.

I want future generations of voters in this country to have control of our Parliament then and only then democracy will prevail and the ‘Great’ will put back into Great Britain.

Ivor Jones

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