LETTER: No way was referendum '˜an advisory' vote

According to Mr King in last week's Derbyshire Times, the palaver on June 23 '˜was in law an advisory referendum - no more.'

Friday, 21st October 2016, 2:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:26 pm

The law is an ass, Mr King and advice is the worst vice, especially, in my opinion, when coming from the likes of Lily Allen, Eddie Izzard, Bob Geldof and the bumptious Ken Clarke. What actually happened on that summer’s day? Captain Cameron tossed the coin to start the match then his remain team were soundly beaten by the unfancied leave supporters.

The result was nine to three, not even close, so Captain Cameron promptly resigned and Roy Hodgson copied him a few days later after a similar upset.

For the referendum our country was divided into 12 regions. Only London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain.

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Those three regions produced votes from seven million people. The results from the other nine regions (i.e. England and Wales except London) showed the decision of 26 million people. No way could suggest that information be regarded as “advisory.”

The result was announced to a clueless Parliament that did not have an after plan.

What most of its members failed to understand was that the majority of British people just wanted them to take control of our country from an unelected bloke in Luxembourg. Neither did they understand that, if the result had gone the other way, they would all have been effectively redundant.

David Mawson

By email