LETTER: Money could be used to subsidise some bus routes

A while ago the penny fell for me, but not for many others, that people get older and the car they had driven for many years was no good for them any longer.

Tuesday, 8th May 2018, 9:30 am

I did have words with the bus companies about the problem and I suggested section 106 being used to subsidise some bus routes. Again it’s that same old thing ‘I’m all right Jack’ so tough luck. Did I not read recently where 80 per cent of the households in Wingerworth had two cars?

One day they will be confronted by today’s problems. We have enough people, enough houses so we can get the coach service to run a coach for six of us per day.

Martin Roberts hits the nail on the head that people do not want any of their council tax going to pay for some of these services. They do not want affordable houses because some people will benefit from buying cheap and selling later in life making a profit.

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I have often thought ‘how do bus services operate going up Langer Lane and not serving the village of Swathwick?’ 
Maybe some one can tell me.

Frank Hardy

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