LETTER: Marathon caused traffic trouble

Start of the 1/2 and full marathons.
Start of the 1/2 and full marathons.

I am heartily in agreement with Sunday Worker (last week’s DT Letters page).

We live in Brampton, and the evening before the marathon we discovered a flyer on our car which was parked outside the house.

It was headed “WARNING” in large red letters.

It went on “This vehicle is parked on the route of the marathon - and we ask if it’s possible for you to ensure that on the morning of Sunday September 20, your vehicle is parked either off the road or in another street outside the route. Road closures come into operation from 6am, etc.”

There was nowhere else we could park.

There are very few houses in the area that have off-road parking, and all the roads in the vicinity were listed on the marathon website road closure page. 
I found the tone of the leaflet quite intimidating.

Surely it would be better for everyone if residents and businesses were considered and consulted during the planning of the marathon. Other charities succeed in organising races which don’t cause disruption. Next year a complete rethink of the route would be appreciated.

R. P. Brown