LETTER: HS2 is a monster that will destroy the countryside

I was born and raised in Old Whittington and spent many happy hour walking along the Chesterfield Canal. I only left in my late 50s to work in Doncaster.

Last summer I had the unique pleasure of travelling on the ‘John Varley’ down the Chesterfield Canal to Staveley. The project of the new lock was explained – an impressive undertaking.

This is due to the enthusiasm and hard work of those involved with the canal trust. Now I read in the Derbyshire Times (February 18) that because some business men wish to cut their rail journey by a few minutes, the canal and of course many homes and business throughout the region are to be sabotaged to make way for the HS2.

What is even more heinous is that the canal trust has lost a great deal of funding because of this. Plus of course any plans they have made are on hold until HS2 plans are fully implemented. In this stressful age we all need the restorative powers that a more gentle way of travel provides.

The peace and tranquillity afforded by the canal journey and indeed many other waterways throughout England should not be compromised for the dubious benefits of faster rail journeys.

Hopefully local councillors, MPs and even local business men could add their voice in opposing this countryside annihilation and peace destroying monster that is the HS2

Jean Graville-King

Furnivall Road, Doncaster