LETTER: Have a heart when it comes to homelessness

Perhaps Kay Luongo might like a helping hand in stepping down from her high horse ('˜Why are down and outs not moved on?' Letters, March 9)?

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 1:41 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:20 am
Sam and Wayne who told of their homeless experiences to the Derbyshire Times.
Sam and Wayne who told of their homeless experiences to the Derbyshire Times.

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I find it disgusting that comments like hers get column inches in this day and age.

I would hardly imagine that the “down and outs” and “all their baggage” would take up that much space to be perfectly honest and I think I might feel tempted to swear and shout too, in their situation.

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Maybe they are sitting on the bus stop seats because they have been lying on a hard, cold floor all night whilst the passengers they are “meant” for were sleeping safe and sound in a soft warm bed?

I am so sorry to hear Ms Luongo is stressed out when she is on her way from work.

But perhaps she could consider how stressed out she would be if she did not have a job? Or a home for that matter?

Maybe she should tell the people on the number 74 bus that perhaps they are not “moved on” and are “allowed” to stay there because some people have what is known as a “heart” and appreciate that they might benefit from the heat and shelter. Even though, sadly, at least two rough sleepers have died there in recent months.

I also personally do not think that her narrow-minded, selfish and uncaring attitude publicised in The Derbyshire Times gives a good image of Chesterfield as a whole, let alone the bus station.

I consider myself a decent and law abiding citizen. I do not consider other people to be indecent criminals merely because they do not have a job or a roof over their head. That is what decency is all about.

What I would like to know is why attitudes like hers still prevail? And when is something going to be done UK-wide about this shameful situation?

Maria Tracey

By email

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