LETTER: Grant cash is our money

I was bothered by a story in last week's DT under the headline '£1.49 million boost to tourism.' Read the article here.

Saturday, 1st October 2016, 8:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:59 pm

It began by saying the Peak District and Derbyshire tourist industry is to receive a, “grant, courtesy of the European Regional Development Fund”.

Why a picture of Chatsworth House graced the article was unclear, it’s one of the most successful tourist spots in the world.

Typically the article failed to mention that British tax payers have, over the past 30 odd years, always contributed billions of pounds more than we have ever received.

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There’s a similar slant on my bus pass, it says, “Concessionary travel funded by HM Government and your local authority.” Its not true, its paid for by people who pay tax.

We are deceived from birth. Father Christmas is just the start of it all. When we become adults we are persuaded to have a credit card and as soon as we use it we have a debt. Maybe if it had been called a debt card it would have caused less trouble. Debt was once a dirty word.

Then there’s your ‘copper bottomed’ pension pot that you’ve paid into all your life, floating around the Greek islands when you need it.

Apparently the “grant” will be spent by various councils, authorities, boards, tourism experts, marketeers, networkers and specialist advisers, to “promote” and “support” Derbyshire businesses. Oh, and cycling gets a mention and they are going to try to make the money last for three years. I hope we get the money up front because the EU will probably not last for that long.

Dave Mawson

By email