LETTER: Get New Road, Eyam, fixed

road closed
road closed

For nearly two years Eyam has suffered from the closure of New Road, a major link to Grindleford and Sheffield. In my view the council has constantly ignored this historic village’s needs to survive.

The village shops and public house face ever decreasing customers whilst we the residents have to suffer pathetic road signage causing continual problems from heavy goods vehicles failing to take notice of the road closure signs all of which are inadequate and badly placed.

I feel the authorities refuse to inform and one wonders why we should continue to pay taxes when there is seemingly no end or answer to the farce.

It is vital that action is taken. No longer should the council hide behind, “the land might still be moving, the landslip that is” or “it’s the cuts from the government”.

It was OK to fix superbly Over Lane in Baslow some two years ago, that was and is still only a back entrance, a “rat run” to Baslow but it isn’t good enough not to repair New Road Eyam?

If this was France it would have been fixed whatever the cost. So get it done. We must have action before its too late and this road collapses and Hawkhill Road suffers the same fate. Then it really will be goodbye Eyam something even the plague failed to do!

Stephen Edwards

The Jays, New Road.