LETTER: Don't let joint HQ turn out to be a money pit

The chief fire officer for Derbyshire states that having a combined headquarters for the fire service and county's police force at Ripley will allow closer working practices, allow ideas sharing and save money.

Friday, 16th September 2016, 6:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:31 pm

I have worked for the fire service for 30 years and my wife has worked at the police HQ for 37 years and we were struggling to think of areas where the two could work together to save money.

One of these would be to share the same occupational health department, so why is the fire service moving its from the old headquarters and making major structural changes at Alfreton fire station to accommodate theirs and having on-going costs of two occupational health departments?

Let us not forget the millions of pounds wasted when the government decided to build a regional fire service control room at Castle Donington and move Derbyshire’s control room there, along with five other counties.

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It then changed its mind and the building has stood empty for years.

No-one was held accountable for the millions of pounds of wasted money.

The layman can easily see where public money is wasted, so please do not let the new HQ be another money pit.

Alan Brown

Larkhill, Swanwick