LETTER: Chesterfield Marathon was inconvenient for motorists


What a farce, the road closures on the Sunday morning of the Chesterfield Marathon.

How on earth can the organisers of the event close some of the roads near and around Temple Normanton for five hour?

Do they not realise that some people still have to work on a Sunday, such as nurses, taxi drivers, ambulance workers, just to mention a few.

A few weeks before the race some signs on the road said they were closing, only to find they were not and some that should have been open were closed. Why on earth was the road closed over the motorway bridge down to Deepsic Lane when no one was running up or down it?

Why not run in or around Linacre where you can run for miles and not bother anybody or cause any inconvenience to traffic?

Does anyone else share my views?

Sunday Worker

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