LETTER: A61 in danger of becoming a giant car park

In relation to traffic problems on the A61 between Clay Cross and Chesterfield, it is bad enough now but what is going to happen when all the houses are built on the Avenue site and the old Bywater site?

Saturday, 2nd December 2017, 9:00 am

It will be just like one big car park from one of these places to the other.

Regarding building a roundabout at the end of Mill Lane, this will not alleviate any of the congestion on the A61.

The only way to take a lot of the traffic off this road would be to build an underpass under the railway, with a road leading up to the island at the end of the old Cory Coal site, at Grassmoor.

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Then motorists wanting to get to the M1 would be able to take this route, through Winsick, and others that wanted to get to Chesterfield could go through Hasland, then down to the roundabout at Horns Bridge.

As I see the situation, this is the only way forward.

Harvey Hill

By email