Keep our heritage alive: Museum is brilliant

As many of our once famous landmarks fast disappear, it is fortunate that some dedicated people still fight to preserve our rich heritage.

None more so than those responsible for the Pleasley Colliery museum.

What an iconic landmark this is. Especially the huge octagonal chimney stack, a sure sign of the area’s rich industrial past.

Far below is a nostalgic experience, as well as a humbling one. The smell of the oil, paint and grease inside the engine house is a ‘sense’ long lost now, as we rely on imported comodoties, instead of producing our own, as we once did.

I was particularly impressed by the comments made to me by Walter Edson, who gave me a guided tour around the plant recently. You see that Markham winding mechanism? Well I renewed the braking system to it back in 1966, whilst an employee at the Broad Oaks Works in Chesterfield.”

Yes, 1966 was a great year for not only the national football team , but also for giant industrial manufacturers, too.

Geoff A. Evans