I need to sort road to hell Change the lane usage

Am I becoming impatient in my old age or is anyone else sick and tired of waiting in traffic queues for no apparent reason?

I am referring once again to the dual carriageway A619 approach to Tesco Roundabout from Brimington at which I have lost count of the many hours spent in the right hand lane awaiting a green light whilst the left hand lane remains empty.

Two years ago I went to some lengths to try and get changes made to the lane markings, and with the support of other readers who identified a similar issue from the opposite direction, Derbyshire County Council listened (partially).

But the access from Brimington was largely unaltered with three main traffic routes (Town Centre, Tesco and A61N) directed to the right lane.

The result remains that at peak times particularly, the right lane is backed up to Sainsbury’s such that many motorists find they have no option but to join the left lane at this point.

They then have to cross lane markings on the Tesco roundabout to go straight ahead or right.

It is, of course, possible that some drivers follow the left lane in any case and ignore the lane markings by routinely pushing in from the left.

My own observations would suggest that the left lane accounts for no more than 25 per cent of total flow.

Despite several items of correspondence with DCC, they refuse to dedicate the left lane for turn left AND straight ahead, as I suggested before.

They have indicated to me that any future use of the old Tesco site as one of the reasons for potential increase in left hand lane traffic, but I cannot imagine that any future use will have such a significant effect so as to equalise the lane usage.

Why can’t both lanes be used to their capacity? In doing so they would reduce waiting times and as a bonus make the ridiculous turn right more sensible.

Is anyone with me on this?

If so please respond to the address below and subject to the volume of response I will have another try.

B J Allott

2 Francis Close



S43 1BL

Email – bja@steelprofiles.co.uk