Help us to save local pubs: We’ll lobby Government

It is always sad when a pub dies. It is even sadder that owners can sell to retail chains such as Tesco who then reopen it as a shop without planning consent.

The White Horse has struggled for many years, and has had several changes of management recently.

There are two very big factors that do not help matters: firstly the planning laws that allow this to happen should be changed.

This Government promised the change as part of their ‘localism’ vision. It has not happened.

We should be putting pressure on our MPs to work for this change.

Secondly: the real villains of the piece are the property companies who own pubs. They have to sweat so much out of their assets that pubs cannot make enough profit to survive.

The reason for this is that it is financed by huge mortgages. Pubs cannot even buy beer for the sorts of prices that their rivals are selling it. There is not a free market in beer. These property companies are their own wholesalers and restrict landlords to preferred suppliers at dictated prices.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have been working for years to rectify these inequalities and indeed are having a mass lobby of the House of Commons in December to make the point.--

Alan Craw

Old Whittington