GUEST COLUMNIST: Heidi Dodkins explains how to soothe our Windows to the soul

In a world of buzzing social media where everyones activity is posted across the web in facebook status posts and pictures, its rather a good analogy to take on board and compare our eyes to. 
Our eyes are our individual statement, unique to every single one of us, varying in color, size and shape – windows to the soul.
They express happiness, sadness but furthermore can also express tiredness and show the world if we’ve been partying too hard, burning the candle at both

ends or dehydrated.

There are some really great ways to liven up your eyes as well as disguising techniques for those morning after the late nights.

First things first is core essentials, which is drink lots of water. The skin under the eye area is very thin and so dehydration can increase those retched dark circles then there’s our top products to add additional help.

NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy is a very intense eye cream which is silky smooth and works wonders on tired eyes soothing the area, reduces puffiness, smooths fine crinkly lines and firms crêpey looking eye lids. It is £51.45 from

Benefit Cosmetics eye brightening cream also moisturises the area but most importantly brightens the area and leaves you looking more awake.

Coconut oil, a very pure, natural product is crammed full of essential vitamins and has properties to naturally take away soreness and fine lines. Strella Skincares’ brand new launch of premium organic virgin coconut oil is set to be a market leader and can be used all over the body as a burst of tropical moisture or applied every day to the eye area. £16.74 500ml for £2.75 for 5ml for a travel pack.