Editors Comment:

The old ones are the best

As the Derbyshire Times celebrates its 160th year as a town and county newspaper it’s a good point to consider that with that number of years of service under our belt, we are one of the oldest institutions there is in town.
Along with organisations such as the 
local authority, the theatre, quite a few pubs and hotels, along with many of our churches, schools and historic buildings, we form part of the fabric of the town and help to create its identity. 
We share that honour with Chesterfield Football Club, and along with our section of pages today celebrating our big 
anniversary with photos of days gone by, we also have a four page special report from the Proact.
It’s not too fanciful to say that in many towns football clubs are very close to the heart of a place and their success or failure provokes joy and loyalty in equal measure.
If the club does well, we all feel a glow. If it does badly, we don’t abandon our team, true fans settle themselves to stoically fight back and to wait patiently for better times.
And so it is with Chesterfield FC who have absolutely done the town proud in recent seasons. 
They deserve plaudits, last season was a sporting triumph witha title-winning run and a Wembleyfinal which was their second in three years. 
As our report today illustrates the club is facing some challenges for the season ahead so there is no better time to show support for north Derbyshire’s only football league club. 
Graeme Huston,