EDITOR’S COMMENT: Tesco director’s ‘gloating’ Tweet smacked of Goliath crushing David

THE tale of David versus Goliath is one we all have engrained upon or psyche from a young age. Its allegorical core is one which reminds us that no matter what adversity we front up against in life, it can be overcome.

It’s a nice tale, and a narrative which can help us all to look deep within in times of need, for that little bit of extra strength required for any given challenge.

But just imagine for one second if Goliath had crushed David to death, and then gloated to the world about how effective a killing machine he was.

Step forward Tesco and its ill-advised director Steve Strachota, who has this week caused uproar with a Tweet which has upset hundreds of people in the town.

The saga of Tesco’s distribution centre at Barlborough has been rumbling on for some time. Just last week the Derbyshire Times was inundated with calls from people who were facing inevitable redundancy from the firm’s depot, but were being denied early redundancy, even if they had a new job lined up.

But to add insult to injury, one of the men at the centre of the decision to put these people out of work, and their families in dire straights saw fit to announce to the world: “Five depots closing, three new ones ready to go. Awesome teamwork, courageous leadership and a bit of luck. #worldclass”

Now I am not suggesting for one minute that Mr Strachota’s leadership, vision and execution of his work is not ‘world class’, but gloating like this in the face of people who fear being unable to pay their rent is the height of crass, not class.

In those words he clearly spared no compassion whatsoever for the people who have served his company so faithfully for so many years, who now face the axe. The very least he can now do is allow those people who have found a lifeboat, to jump into it as early as possible, with the redundancy package they deserve.

by James Mitchinson, Editor