DT SAYS: School funding shouldn’t fall to fairs and fun runs

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It’s becoming an all too familiar theme - there just isn’t enough money to go round.

Across many of our public services there’s concern over making ends meet and balancing the budgets.

But I was genuinely shocked when I heard a Chesterfield headteacher was having to run a sponsored marathon so he doesn’t have to sack staff .

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I know it’s nothing new to have parents and staff chipping in with classroom funding - we’ve always had those school summer fairs raising that little bit extra to help out.

But back when we were throwing ping-pong balls into bowls in a bid to win a goldfish, we didn’t think our cash was all that kept teachers in their jobs.

When it comes to funding priorities, there will always be winners and losers - but no child should lose out on their education because the tombola stall has a bad day.

Or maybe we just have our priorities all wrong, I don’t see many of our generals swapping khaki for lycra and running marathons for missiles...


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