Confronting the enemy on the home front

Ben Elliott.
Ben Elliott.

This week I have been moved by displays of very different kinds of bravery.

Firstly, the courage of former soldier Ben Elliott to talk about his experiences in Afghanistan ( to read the full story CLICK HERE)

How he had prepared himself to take a bullet for his country - but found that losing the comrade next to him instead wounded him far more deeply.
And then, after going through things few of us can scarcely begin to imagine, he faced a very different enemy: depression.

His powerfully honest story, reminds us that our armed forces face real battles on the front-line - and also when they get back home.

As we mark World Mental Health Day this week, it’s still a tragedy we have to use terms like ‘courage’ when it comes to discussing mental health.

Hopefully Ben will inspire others to talk about their issues and find the help that is out there to change their lives.

You are not alone.

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