COMMENT: Let’s celebrate Chesterfield’s successes

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Celebrating what is best about our communities is one of the most important jobs this newspaper does.

Of course we report day to day online, and week to week in the paper, on the news - and that is not always positive. That doesn’t mean we can’t take a longer view. The controversy around the Ravenside parking is a good example. We’ve carried many letters from readers about the difficulty of parking there to take advantage of the great shopping that has been opened up for everyone. Yes, parking issues are important for individuals and to the economy of the town, but let’s get things into perspective.

Troubles with parking fall into the same category as problems with congestion - they are a symptom of success. Let’s look at it another way, imagine if the shopping offered at the Ravenside centre was so poor that parking there was easy. While that may solve a few headaches that’s not such a rosy picture is it?

And we should consider that traffic jams - while annoying and difficult, especially for the emergency services - mean that more and more people want to be here, to visit and spend their money in our town.

We don’t mean to belittle the genuine grievances people may have about how they have been treated in choc-a-bloc car parks, that’s another issue and we will always stick up for anyone who has been ripped off or treated unfairly. But on the challenges the town faces let’s have some confidence it can be sorted. Big ideas and thinking outside of the box are not new to this town and borough. The cooperation of private and public sector in Destination Chesterfield for example is a concept that other local authorities look at with envy. We’ve looked at other big ideas for 2014 in today’s issue. Let me know what you think.