Here are your rights for online shopping

I bought a pair of trainers from a private seller on an online marketplace. The advert said they were Asics but when they arrived the branding said Basics. They are clearly not what was advertised and they are terrible quality. Do I have any rights? What can I do?

Monday, 25th March 2019, 6:00 am
Online shopping. Photo by Pixabay.

Roger Naden, advice service manager for Citizens Advice Derbyshire District, said that if you’re shopping online from an individual seller, the principle of “buyer beware” applies - which means you are purchasing subject to all defects, and the seller does not have to declare problems.

However, the seller must not misrepresent the goods, for example, by claiming they’re a certain popular brand when they are not.

Because your trainers are not as described in the advert, you may have grounds to ask for your money back.

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First, try to fix the issue by contacting the seller to explain the problem, let them know your rights and that you would like your money back.

If this does not work, check to see if the online marketplace has its own protection and disputes resolution system.

Finally, if neither of these work for you, consider making a claim to the court, known as a small claim. Before doing so however you would need to look at our website for more information or seek further advice from us.

If you need further help or advice on this give us a call or come in to see us or give us a call.

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