Champions column: Exciting developments in our town will be great for region

I’m Jamie Bowmer and I’m the owner of Palm Spas. We are a luxury hot tub and swim spa specialist based in Hasland, Chesterfield.

By Jamie Bowmer
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 12:00 am

We supply a wide range of hot tubs, swim spas and accessories. More recently, we have made more of a presence in the aftersales environment, conducting services, repairs and investigations. We are currently supplying several dealers from around the UK and we hope to grow this part of the business in 2022.

What was the greatest achievement for your business over the past year?

Our financial growth, especially during the pandemic. We have been fortunate to be one of the businesses that has thrived over the past two years, not without hard work from our teams though. Without them it really would not have been possible.

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Chesterfield town centre

How would you describe Chesterfield and North Derbyshire, using only three words?

Up and coming. Chesterfield is seeing more developments, whether that be housing or commercial, and it’s all great for the area and local businesses.

What are your favourite places to visit in Chesterfield and why?

The Chesterfield Football Club ground, Technique Stadium. Lots of our employees are fans and often go to watch the local games.

Guest columnist Jamie Bowmer, owner of Palm Spas.

We have some favourite restaurants too which include, Lombardi’s, Odyssey and Bottle and Thyme.

How is your business becoming more sustainable?

We have taken more time and care to consider how we can have an impact on the environment through our products and methods. We have worked hard to provide better insulated products, which means the consumers use less electricity, which is crucial at a time where prices are rising.

Why do you love working or doing business in Chesterfield or North Derbyshire?

We believe Chesterfield is a great, central point within the UK with lots of travel links, good business contacts and customers.

How are you supporting young people in your and how are young people contributing to the success of your business?

We are looking to take on an apprentice this year. We want to give young people the opportunity to learn and earn, as we understand the university route isn’t for everyone.

How are you, your business or your team supporting local people?

One hundred per cent of our work force are local residents.

What support or advice has your business received recently and how has it benefited your business?

We have received marketing advice from a local company which is something that has really helped. We don’t have a marketing executive within our team, so it’s great to learn and take action based on their recommendations.

Which upcoming development do you think will have the greatest impact on the town and why?

Chesterfield Waterside: it looks like an exciting development for the town which will bring in new residents, shops, restaurants and job opportunities to the local area.

What is your vision for Chesterfield and North Derbyshire in 2030? What do you think the town needs to achieve this?

It would be great to see the town centre come back to life after the pandemic. New openings of shops in Vicar Lane Shopping Centre, more restaurants in the Alma Park, more facilities in general would be great. Hopefully this would attract more visitors and stop local residents from travelling out of the area.