Champions Column: Chesterfield is a developing town with plenty of friendly and supportive people

Hello! I’m Sophie Coburn and, since 2018, I’ve had the pleasure of being the corporate partnerships officer at The Children’s Hospital Charity.

By Champions column
Friday, 20th May 2022, 5:00 pm

We support Sheffield Children’s Hospital with life-saving equipment, new facilities, a comfortable environment and vital research for the benefit of children here in the UK and worldwide.

I am responsible for looking after businesses in the local area who are fundraising to support Sheffield Children’s and I love my job.

What was the greatest achievement for your business over the past year?

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This week's columnist Sophie Coburn is the corporate partnerships officer at The Children’s Hospital Charity.

The greatest achievement for The Children’s Hospital Charity over the last year was the completion of the new cancer and leukaemia ward at Sheffield Children’s.

It was a three-year appeal and the new ward is bigger and brighter, with improved spaces for parents to stay with their children and a dedicated playroom at the heart of the ward for everyone to enjoy.

How would you describe Chesterfield and North Derbyshire, using only three words?

Developing, home and community.

What are your favourite places to visit in Chesterfield and why?

I really enjoying visiting lots of the different independent food places in Chesterfield, including Pizza Pi, Bottle and Thyme and, if I’m in the town centre, you can’t beat a coffee and panini from Peacock Coffee Lounge.

How is your business becoming more sustainable?

This year, the charity will develop its first green plan to reduce the carbon footprint with the aim of matching Sheffield Children’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2040.

To do this, we’re taking several steps including developing a green travel plan to encourage our staff to use public transport both for commuting and for business journeys.

We will also utilise online platforms to reduce the number of journeys made and continue to purchase our energy from a supplier that provides 100 per cent renewable energy.

Why do you love working or doing business in Chesterfield or North Derbyshire?

I grew up in Chesterfield, so the place has always been close to my heart.

I now work closely with businesses from Chesterfield who want to help Sheffield Children’s and the people are always really friendly and supportive.

What support or advice has your business received recently and how has it benefited your business?

We’ve recently held focus groups at the charity about our work, talking to more than 200 people, and got some really good feedback.

People said they really loved working with our team and the personalised support they got while on their fundraising journey, this was great to hear.

We’ve also recently become a Chesterfield Champion and are really excited about how this partnership is going to grow and the support Destination Chesterfield can offer us.

Which upcoming development do you think will have the greatest impact on the town and why?

I think PEAK will be an incredible new place for people to visit from across the UK.

We’re lucky in Chesterfield to have the iconic Crooked Spire, which attracts visitors from far and wide, and I think this new development will help get the town’s name out there even more.

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