Columnist: Louise Worboys

Break those habits - one step at a time

Remember making changes gradually is part of the key to success it takes time to embed new habits.

All habits have a way of popping back so its important that these changes are made gradually so that you can keep momentum and one habit lapse no longer signals the dreaded diet disaster where you think you have ruined the day so reach for the nearest cake, then pizza, then biscuits.

Then the week is written off and before you know it you have resigned yourself to the, “I will start over again on Monday”.

It’s a trap one that you have to find a way to avoid because the truth of the matter is those three or four days could have just set you achieving your goals back two or more weeks.

So these improvements will focus on ways to help you stay on track.

Improvement Four: Decide what your goals are…

It is vital that you set some goals for yourself.

These should include a very specific long-term outcome, with a date.

There should be a smaller goal for each week.

However small those goals may be will make the difference to how you feel once these goals are achieved.

Improvement Five: Make your goals public. Make sure your family and friends know what you want to achieve by when and why.

This will help them to be more supportive and not unknowingly guide you off plan.

Telling them you want to lose a bit of weight is not nearly specific enough.

Tell them your goals and deadlines.

Celebrate your success with them and help to motivate and encourage them on their journeys.

Improvement six: Accept you are only human. You have to learn to let go of small things that feel like failure.

If you set yourself a goal and fall a little short or slip up when you go out or have a bad day, evaluate whether the goal was realistic and if you have been honest with yourself about your efforts.

If you slip up don’t let it be an excuse to go completely wild and empty the fridge, cupboards and takeaways, just accept it, move on back to your plan and remember you are only human!

Good luck with your goal setting!!

Please feel free to get in touch to tell me about the changes you have made and the goals you have set yourself!

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