Citizens of Chesterfield should be proud of its present and future

I have seen numerous comments in your paper and discussed with numerous, including my wife, who believe that Chesterfield is on a downward spiral.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 12:38 pm
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 1:43 pm

As a relative newcomer of 16 years, I disagree quite strongly. I do not say that there are no problems, but as a town of its size and location, Chesterfield and its citizens should be proud of its present and future.

Not one of the problems that detractors expound is unique to Chesterfield. The so-called homeless congregating at B6 bus shelter and now the old magistrates court can be found throughout.

Empty shops caused by our shopping habits changing, is considerably less here than most towns in the area and throughout the country.

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Chesterfield has been proactive in converting these to other uses, take the Co-op building, the old post office.

The town should be proud of the cleanliness. I previously lived in the West Midlands, and comparable towns are often dirty, with buildings left empty for years and are derelict.

A new problem is that of those taking ‘spice’. Having seen this in many towns, it is horrendous. The answer is not one that Chesterfield can answer, it is a national problem. Economically, the town is booming. Unemployment is far lower than surrounding towns and below the national average. With major developments taking place and planned at Markham Vale, Donut, Unstone, along the bypass, The Avenue, Barrow Hill and Staveley, Chesterfield is the place to live.

I moved from a strong Tory town in the West Midlands, that could afford the development now taking place in Chesterfield, and did and still support the Tories.

However I can only commend Chesterfield and north east Derbyshire, along with Derbyshire County Council for working together to ensure a prosperous and healthy future for all.

Alan Saunders

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