Authorities should prosecute over ‘missing cat’ appeal posters

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A few months ago, I ‘did battle’ with the council concerning the proliferation of fly-posted articles littering the Wardgate Way shopping area at Holmehall.

With the help and efficiency of one lady in particular, the area was cleared within the week.

However, for the past few weeks the area has been swamped with laminated/plastic-pocketed fly-posters concerning a lost cat. The posters have been attached using a heavy duty tape. This morning more have appeared, this time attached by plastic ties, with the sticking-out end positioned dangerously at eye level. Over the weeks, ‘Garfield the cat’ has appeared on lamp-posts bus shelters and the cash machine.

Fly-posting is an illegal activity. The phone number is on the posters, so I say to the authorities, prosecute!

Perhaps the council could also consider clearing the pavements in town of the many sandwich boards and halt the epidemic of chairs and tables positioned outside cafes - all blocking pavements and making a shopping spree more like an obstacle course.


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