Are people living under Donald Trump’s bottom?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

I noticed that in one of the last issues of this newspaper, in the opinion section, there were three, yes three, pro-Trump letters.

I understand that there is probably going to be a lot of anti-Trump comments in answer to the last ones, but I would like to voice my opinion too.

Trump has recently been separating immigrant families, and keeping their children in small enclosures, almost like criminals. This is nothing that anyone should have to suffer, or indeed, support.

He has also passed a law stating that transgender individuals can not be in the Army. People who want to risk their lives to help a country should have the right to live life as the gender they feel they are.

If anyone believes that he has acted as a good president, they have either been reading, as Trump calls it, ‘Fake News’ (capitals on the words, does not understand proper capitalisation. I wonder if he does this in his legal documents), or living under a rock, or under Trump’s bottom.

Christie McAdams

By email

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