All I see in Chesterfield is a ‘rundown and shabby town centre’

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A recent Labour newsletter stated ‘Chesterfeld is on the up’. Where?

The centre of town is a disgrace, numerous coffee shops and cafes (more to come), where have all the once individual shops gone?

Presume the high business rent and rates are the reason.

When I came to Chesterfield to live many years ago, it was a thriving market town, market being the operative word, a fabulous bustling market, and wonderful shops. Now all I see is a scattering of stalls, many derelict shops, and a rundown and shabby town centre.

Why do we need out-of-town developments, when the town centre needs a serious upgrade, I only visit when ‘needs must’ these days, and I am appalled that the Labour-run council can make such an outrageous statement and give themselves such praise.

Lorna Longmate

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