Online boost for school applications

Almost all Derbyshire parents who apply for their child’s school place are choosing to do it online.

Data for 2012 shows online reception school applications rose from 98.4 per cent to 99.3 per cent, online junior school applications increased from 98.6 per cent to 99.1 per cent and online secondary school applications were maintained at 98.5 per cent.

Of the 17,068 applications received, just 182 parents applied on paper.

The statistics put Derbyshire County Council well above the Government’s target figure of receiving 80 per cent of applications online.

Councillor Mike Longden, cabinet member for education, said: “These figures are great news. Parents are being offered a way of applying that is quick, easy and obviously suits them.”

For the first time the authority will only post decisions to those who applied on paper or who gave no email address − all other applicants will be notified electronically. Cllr Longden added: “This increase in online applications adds to efficiencies and savings we’re making as a council so we can continue to offer top quality frontline services at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers.”