OLD BRAMPTON: WI president’s charity choice is Alzheimer’s Society

Old Brampton

In spite of the weather there was a good attendance at Old Brampton’s WI meeting, when Pat Presland, president, welcomed members and visitors to the February meeting in the Schoolroom, Old Brampton.

It was decided to adopt the local Alzheimer’s Society as the president’s chosen charity for 2013.

Events and outings were discussed including the craft group on February 26, and reading group on March 11.

The president introduced the speaker, David Kesteven, head gardener from Renishaw, whose topic was “Historical History of the Sitwells and their Garden”. Mr Kesteven was an excellent, highly entertaining speaker.

Tea was provided by Iris Savidge and Audrey Crossley, flowers by Mary Walker. The vote of thanks was given by Olive Hoddle.