OLD BRAMPTON: WI members learn about life in the Yemen

The president of Old Brampton and District Women’s Institute Pat Presland, welcomed members to the June meeting in the schoolroom, Old Brampton.

Arrangements were made for the tea party in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society (local) to be held at the Eyre Chapel, Newbold, on Thursday, July 25, at 2.45pm. Tickets £5. Members volunteered cakes, tombola and raffle prizes.

Scrabble will be held on July 2, reading group on July 18 and craft on July 2 and 23.

Pat closed the business meeting and welcomed speaker Mike Kelly whose topic was “Behind Closed Doors”. Mike gave a fascinating talk about his time spent as an oil executive, based in the Yemen.

It made members realise what a dangerous place that part of the world really is.

Mike’s slides showed magnificent landscape reminicent of Bible times.

Teas provided by Thelma Key and Muriel Wardle.

The vote of thanks was given by Jackie Mills.

Flowers were provided by Hazel Dent.