OLD BRAMPTON: WI members learn about history of Robinsons company

Old Brampton


Pat Presland welcomed members of Old Brampton and District WI to the branch’s April meeting in the schoolroom, Old Brampton.

The treasurer reported a healthy balance which was followed by discussions about the numerous activities planned for 2013.

The next meeting will be the national resolution meeting which will debate the need for more midwives. Lunch will be served by the committee at 12 noon before the meeting.

An afternoon tea party will be held at the Eyre Chapel, Newbold, to raise money for the local Alzheimer’s Society on Thursday, July 24.

A birthday party will be held at Walton Golf Club on May 15. The reading group will meet on May 8 and the craft group on May 23.

Pat introduced the speaker John Robinson who talked on the history of Robinsons, the company in Chesterfield which started as a pottery making clay pipes then eventually making pill boxes, lint and bandages etc. The vote of thanks was given by Shirley Walter.

Tea by Audrey Crossley and Jean Illett, flowers by Macy Ball.