Officers refuse plan for 38 homes in Brimington

Planning officers have refused developers permission to build 38 houses on greenfield land in Brimington.

Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 11:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 18th January 2017, 11:41 am

Officers state in a report that the proposal is contrary to policy as it is a greenfield development in open countryside and Chesterfield Borough Council can already demonstrate a five-year housing supply.

The application to build on land to the east of Lodge Close comprised of a mix of rented, shared ownership and discounted starter homes.

Tricia Gilby, Derbyshire county councillor for Brimington, is at the forefront of a campaign against the development of 300 houses on a greenfield site between Brimington and Tapton.

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She said: “The planning officers’ decision shows that they are confident about their policies.

“This decision has been a real boost for the community and we are hopeful that the local community’s views will be equally supported when the application for 300 goes before the planning committee.”

A report by Chesterfield Borough Council planning officers states that the plan for 38 houses near Lodge Close contravenes its policies on a number of counts, including the following:

- The housing mix does not meet the strategic housing market assessment of 90 per cent rented properties

- Limitations within the existing highway network means the development is not safe in terms of highway safety

- The proposed footpath route would potentially lead to issues with crime and safety

-Parking standards have not been met and the development’s design and layout is contrary to policy

- The proposals would lead to a substantial loss to biodiversity and the fragmentation of the green network

In the light of Chesterfield Borough Council planning officers’ decision Coun Gilby hopes that planning committee members will similarly object to plans for 300 homes in Brimington.

Campaigners against the plans say that the homes will block access to free outdoors exercise and lead to worsening levels of road pollution which are already deemed above European levels in one part of Brimington.