Offender tried to swallow morphine evidence

Law and order
Law and order

A MAN carrying drugs tried to swallow the evidence during a tussle with a police officer.

The officer knew a warrant was outstanding for the arrest of Gary Gibbons and apprehended him in Bolsover on the afternoon of March 10.

Gibbons - who had breached a probation order attached to a suspended prison sentence - tried to run away, Chesterfield magistrates court was told.

“The officer grappled with him as he tried to break free and then noticed he had removed something from his pocket and was trying to swallow it,” said Bill Taylor, prosecuting.

“They were pink capsules found to contain morphine and worth about £20-30. He said he didn’t know what they were.” .

Gibbons (35) of Hyndley Road, Bolsover, admitted unlawfully possessing morphine capsules.

His solicitor, Bob Bashforth, said he had bought two capsules that were prescribed to someone else. He had been prescribed subutex - a painkiller often used to treat drug addiction - but he had missed a medical appointment and “did not have enough to tide him over”, said Mr Bashforth.

The court heard that Gibbons was locked up the day after this offence, when he was convicted of other charges of possessing drugs.

“If you had been dealt with for this matter at the same time it is unlikely you would have received a different sentence,” said Deputy District Judge Alan Fowler, imposing a six-month conditional discharge for the March 10 offence.