Who you gonna call? Chesterfield Psychic Study Group!

Forget ghostbusters - a group of myth-busting paranormal investigators are out to unearth the truth behing the things that go bump in the night.

The Chesterfield Psychic Study Group have been hot on the trail of the area’s abnormal occurrences for more than a quarter of a century, working to sort the psychic from the science.

Chesterfield pomegranate theatre ghost hunt. Bill Eyre and reporter Ellie Hunter.

Chesterfield pomegranate theatre ghost hunt. Bill Eyre and reporter Ellie Hunter.

“We try and take a scientfic view of things first” said Bill Eyre of the group, as he took the Derbyshire Times around Chesterfield’s reputedly haunted Pomegranate theatre. “We try and look at things objectively and what explanations for things there could be before we look at the paranormal.

“What sounds like footsteps on the roof could be the wind” he added, when a series of spooky bangs echoed around the empty theatre. “If we were doing a full investigation we would have recording equipment, cameras, audio recorders and thermometers. Then we would split into groups and record everything unusual, and the time it happened, so we could look back after and cross refer to see if it could be explained.”

Dronfield-based Bill – who is a qualified investigator who has had training from the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena – has spent decades leading investigations in homes, pubs and buildings across the country. But he insists paranormal activity doesn’t just happen inside at night.

“One of the first cases I had was a haunted field in Hasland where people had seen apparitions” he said.

Some of the more shocking encounters Bill can recall include a frightened dog whose ears would pour with blood without any apparent cause and a young man who would be dragged from his bed and was once stabbed in the eye, leaving it visibly blood shot.

But he insists he has never been scared by anything he has seen.

“I am not psychically sensitive so it is my job to analyse the data, not to experience the events” he said. “There isn’t reason to be scared unless there is the unusual combination of a psychically sensitive person and a nasty earthly entity. In the case of the boy who was dragged from his bed, that combination was present and he was understandably terrified.”

Apart from a few unexplained noises and a curtain wafting – probably in the wind – the short walk around the Pomegranate didn’t reveal any evidence for psychic phenomena. But as Bill says, only about 50 per cent of investigations see any activity.

Bill now spends his time researching incidences of paranormal activity in Bolsover, Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire and is eager for anyone who may have experienced anything to let him know on 01246 413271.

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