Squash this!

Tomato grower
Tomato grower

THE time is ripe to see if you can top this whopping tomato.

Green-fingered Tony Hill, who readers might know from producing the county’s biggest tomato several years ago and showcasing his cousin’s dolphin-shaped cucumber, has done it again.

He thinks this fine green specimen (pictured front) will squash his previous winner and is challenging readers to beat it with their own home-grown at a weigh in where the winner with the biggest will scoop a bottle of champagne.

“I don’t know why it grew this big, it is amazing”, said Tony, 71, who harvested the crop from the family’s Park Farm in Holmesfield.

“We’ve had to prop the plant up because the tomatoes are so big which is very unusual.”

The tomato weigh-in takes place at the Havana Nights bar - owned by Tony’s grandson James – on Corporation Street at 2pm this Saturday October 8.

And Tony is confident he won’t be left red-faced.

“This looks even bigger than the last one I did, it would be great to see if there are any more.”