Dining in the lap of luxury

sp94334 Chris the Loscoe Cat.
sp94334 Chris the Loscoe Cat.
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WHISKAS and Felix aren’t enough for one favoured feline, who would rather sit at the table eating a full roast dinner than chomp biscuits from a bowl.

Pampered moggy Chris is one cat that certainly has got the cream - and the Twiglets, and chips and cereal for that matter.

In fact the 15-year-old pet’s palate has become so accustomed to eating like a human, that his owner, Dawn Ratcliffe, reckons he gets through more groceries than she does.

“He loves a full roast dinner, with meat, vegetables, mash and gravy,” said 29-year-old Dawn. “He just eats what we eat. “He likes chicken soup and bread, and when we are eating cereal he tries to get into the bowl, so we save some for him.”

Dawn, who lives with her partner Carl, 27, in Loscoe, said she began treating her moggy like a human after Chris fell ill last year and spent a week in an oxygen machine.

“He couldn’t breathe - it was terrible,” she said.

But now he is back in good health, Dawn is determined to ensure her precious pet wants for nothing.

He even has his own room with a view - a heated greenhouse in the garden complete with bedding and a supply of food.

This Christmas, Chris - who will be donning his very own red ‘Ho Ho Ho’ collar and Santa-themed cape - will be helping his owners to sign off the cards, with a paw print or some fur.

Dawn said: “We put a bit of paint on his paw and put a print on the cards, or cut off a bit of his fur and stick it in. I think he likes it.”

She also sends presents on his behalf, and said he has had a very busy shopping trip this year.

Dawn isn’t the only cat lover who treats her pet like a person.

According to research commissioned by Nutricat, 40 per cent of cat owners in East Midlands say their cat is a better listener than their partner, with 67 per cent signing cards on their cat’s behalf.

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