OAP hanged at home

A 97-year-old man hanged himself at home, an inquest heard.

Neighbour Rosemary Johnston (57) raised the alarm after visiting Charles Aldred’s home at 6.30pm on November 12 and finding the house dark.

She contacted relatives, who went to the Cobden Road address and found Mr Aldred hanged in the stairwell.

Pc Andrew Pearson told a Chesterfield inquest that Mr Aldred had suffered depression for 30 years and was on medication. Post-mortem tests found the level of medication taken prior to death was normal.

The inquest heard that widower Mr Aldred was diabetic but his physical health was otherwise very good for his age.

“It’s very sad for someone of that age to go in this way,” said North Derbyshire Coroner Tom Kelly, adding that the pensioner did not leave a note.

He recorded a verdict of death from self-administered asphyxiation.