'Number of individuals fake homelessness in Chesterfield', police say

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Stock picture.

Police say there are 'a number of individuals' who pretend to be homeless in Chesterfield.

On Friday, Chesterfield officers reported that they came across a man - who 'fakes homelessness' - positioning himself at the Donut car park in order to beg.

Police said they dispersed the man from the site - then 10 minutes later he was seen begging in Chesterfield town centre.

Officers said they would see the man in court.

A spokesperson for Chesterfield Town Centre Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "He is one of a number of individuals who do this (fakes homelessness).

"We would always recommend if you want to help the genuine homeless then donate to one of the local or national charities who distribute aid fairly to those most in need."