Nuisance Newbold neighbour sent to young offenders’ institute

News from the police...
News from the police...

A nuisance neighbour has been sent to a young offenders’ institute for 28 days.

Joshua Hibbert, 19, of Arundel Close, received the sentence after flouting a court injunction which stopped him returning to his council flat in Newbold.

The injunction had been put in place by Chesterfield County Court following an application made by Chesterfield Borough Council.

The court heard Hibbert had a large number of visitors to his flat and Chesterfield Borough Council and police received frequent reports from neighbours about incidents including loud music, drunken behaviour and damage.

Under the terms of the injunction, he was required to leave his flat and not return until the court reconsidered the matter on Tuesday, February 24.

However, the borough council received reports that Hibbert had been seen in the communal area outside his flat on Sunday, February 22.

Hibbert also posted a photograph on to Facebook of himself standing outside his flat door.

Officers attended the address and arrested Hibbert.

When he appeared in court he admitted he had broken the terms of the injunction order.

Sentencing him to 28 days in jail, District Judge Wall said Hibbert had deliberately breached the court injunction and his Facebook post showed he viewed the matter as a joke.

The judge also continued Hibbert’s injunction order and ordered he pay the council’s costs of £500.

Councillor Jim McManus, the borough council’s executive member for housing, said: “This case demonstrates once again that where people are committing anti-social behaviour we will work with the police and the victims to gather the necessary evidence to put the matter in front of the courts to take action.

“Hibbert’s actions in going back to the flats, even after being given the court injunction, show the contempt with which he treated neighbouring residents.

“The jail sentence sends out a message to other people that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Chesterfield.”

PC Emma McGovern, of Derbyshire police, said: “We will continue to work alongside our partners at Chesterfield Borough Council on issues such as this to improve the lives of local people.

“This case highlights how anti-social behaviour is taken seriously and action will be taken to bring those responsible to justice.”