North East Derbyshire: Sites earmarked to build 330 homes a year

A plan to build 330 homes a year has been put forward by North East Derbyshire District Council, totalling 6,600 houses up until 2034.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:24 am
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:26 am
Areas to build thousands of new homes in NE Derbyshire have been identified

The targets have been laid out in the North East Derbyshire Local Plan, put forward by the district council, in a bid to guide future development in the area.

A Local Plan is a blueprint for future development which gives councils more authority to reject planning applications for sites which they would rather were left untouched.

As it stands, the plan’s 6,600 target includes some 975 houses that have been built since 2014, with a further 3,882 which already have permission and should be built in the next 16 years.

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This leaves the council looking for sites to build a further 1,764 houses.

It also plans to create much more employment land, linking closely to the M1 corridor.

Three sites have been earmarked for major housing and mixed-use projects, these are: The Avenue in Wingerworth; Former Biwaters in Clay Cross; and the Coalite Site, Long Duckmanton.

These three areas would see around 2,000 houses built on them.

More than 50 per cent of the housing in the local plan will be built around Clay Cross, Dronfield, Eckington and Killamarsh and on the Avenue and former Biwaters Strategic Sites.

Meanwhile, five areas have been teed up for employment growth. This could be space for new factories, businesses and offices.

The sites are Callywhite Lane in Dronfield; the former Biwaters site in Clay Cross; The Avenue site in Wingerworth; Markham Vale in Long Duckmanton; and the former Coalite site, also in Long Duckmanton.

Within the Local Plan document, council officers wrote: “Planning shapes the places where we live, work, shop and spend our leisure time.

“North East Derbyshire District Council is required by legislation to prepare a Local Plan setting out its vision, objectives and policies to guide the future sustainable growth and development of the area.

“North East Derbyshire’s Local Plan will cover the area of North East Derbyshire outside of the Peak District National Park and look forward to 2034.

“The plan will be used to guide decisions on planning applications and areas where investment should be prioritised.

“By 2034, everyone in North East Derbyshire will enjoy a high quality of life, with residents, businesses and visitors all benefiting from what the district has to offer.”

In total the Local Plan sets out details for 6,621 houses across North East Derbyshire, to be built in the next 16 years.

Former Biwaters – 825

The Avenue – 716

Eckington – 603

Wingerworth – 600

Dronfield – 569

Killamarsh – 523

Holmewood – 519

Tupton – 370

Clay Cross – 329

Grassmoor – 272

Shirland – 192

North Wingfield – 131

Morton – 129

Pilsley – 129

Stonebroom – 96

Calow – 73

Renishaw – 6

Developments of more than 10 houses within high value areas must have at least 30 per cent affordable housing, while those outside of these areas must only provide 20 per cent.

Similarly developments of 10 to 50 homes will be asked to cough up extra cash to create more green space, play areas and sports sites.

Meanwhile, if a developer plans to build more than 50 homes it would be required to build one of the above – such as an allotment area, play park or football pitch – on the site itself.

The council is also looking to find 15 sites designated for Gypsies or travellers – these have not yet been detailed.

The Local Plan has been sent off to an independent government planning inspector for final approval.

Eddie Bisknell , Local Democracy Reporting Service