Noisy neighbour pest sent to jail

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A BOOZY pest whose noisy nocturnal behaviour made life hell for his neighbours has been locked up by Chesterfield magistrates.

An anti-social behaviour order was imposed on Denis Clare, 62, last November 2 following previous problems he had caused for the Stokes family next door.

The neighbours believed his volume increased as he drank more, and the only time they could sleep was when he eventually fell asleep.

“Mrs Stokes said that in the past he had come to her house and tried to get at her. He had been ‘physical’ with her before and she was scared it would happen again,” said Becky Mahon, prosecuting.

“She says that when she goes upstairs the noise is that loud it’s like he is in the room with them - and it had been going on for eight years.

“Mrs Stokes says: ‘It makes me so tired at work because I can’t sleep’.”

Police were called after the Stokes were woken up at 1.50am on March 30 by Clare. An officer attended at 3.10am and heard Clare constantly ranting.

The officer went next door at 4.40am and arrested Clare, who was drunk. He told police he had not intended to disturb anyone and he apologised, saying he bore no malice towards his neighbours.

He said swelling caused by the electronic tag he wore became more painful, and he was frustrated when he couldn’t get an ambulance.

“He said he talks to himself in the early hours and, because he used to work in the merchant navy, his voice carries,” added Ms Mahon.

Clare, of Avondale Road, Inkersall, admitted breaching an anti-social behaviour order. He was jailed for 16 weeks after the bench said Mrs Stokes had not slept “for nights on end” and this could not be allowed to continue.

His solicitor, Bob Sowter, said he turned to drink in 2001 following the collapse of his 30-year marriage.

“A few days before he was arrested he had injured himself.

“He had tried to have his electronic tag removed at hospital but they were too busy.

“He called an ambulance and was refused. When police attended he was in great pain and he had self-medicated with alcohol,” said Mr Sowter, adding that the tag had since been fitted to Clare’s wrist instead.”