NIGHTINGALE Probus club journeys to the edge of the Universe

Nightingale Probus held its January meeting at Club Chesterfield. President, Mrs Chris Smith, welcomed 42 members and one guest and wished every one a very happy new year.

Members were reminded that the foundation lunch would be held at the Chesterfield Hotel on Wednesday, March 13.

Following the business and drawing of the raffle the speaker was introduced. Dennis Ashton F.R.A.S. gave members a fantasy journey to the edge of the universe on a spacecraft yet to be built at the speed of light. Illustrated by wonderful shots of stars, planets, craters, black holes and all manner of heavenly bodies, the ladies were indeed ‘star struck’. All too soon they were back on earth and not a day older - amazing. Thanks were given by Mrs Marilyn James.

New members are welcome and anyone interested should ring the secretary, Mrs Marilyn James on Chesterfield 222446 to obtain further information.