NEWBOLD: Beko dishwasher blaze ruins family home

Louise Knowles by her fire damaged Beko dishwasher
Louise Knowles by her fire damaged Beko dishwasher

A family home and all its contents were ruined after being coated in thick soot from a blaze in a Beko dishwasher.

Darren Knowles, who has been living with his wife and two children at a Premier Inn since the incident on June 25, said he returned home from a hospital appointment to find his house filled with smoke.

“I have never seen anything like it in my life” said the landscaper, 39. “I couldn’t see my hand in front of me. I went in to try and find out what was happening and I couldn’t see 12 inches ahead. All I could see were two little flames at the back of the dishwasher.”

Fire services were called to put out the fire at the house on Highfield Lane, Newbold which is now undergoing deep cleaning and redecoration before the family can move back.

“I was lucky I had the day off work for my appointment” added Darren. “If I had come back at the normal time, it could have been burnt to the ground.”

But the manufacturer, Beko, who have had to recall a range of tumble dryers, fridge-freezers and gas cookers due to faults insist there is to be no recall of dishwashers.

A company spokesman, said: “We deeply regret any incident involving one of our products and sincerely apologise to Mr Knowles and his family.

“Investigations are ongoing, however we believe that this is an isolated incident and we are working closely with the relevant parties to determine the cause.”

Alan Richmond, from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue, said: “If anyone has any concern about any Beko appliances, they can find information on how to find the serial number on our website,