NEW WHITTINGTON: Club ‘locked out’ of its home

Members of New Whittington Bowling Club.
Members of New Whittington Bowling Club.

A long-running bowling club claims it has been locked out of its home.

Devastated members of New Whittington Bowling Club say they have been denied access to their green at Stone Lane.

The green is situated next to a business which insists it owns the land.

The company owner has locked the gates to the green and told the club it will have to start paying £100 a month if it wants to continue using the area.

David Tagg, secretary of New Whittington Bowling Club, said: “We have a lot of members who are very unhappy about this unfortunate situation which has been going on for almost two weeks now.

“We believe the land was given as a gift to the people of New Whittington many years ago.”

Mr Tagg said members of the group – which has been in existence since 1960 and has about 30 members – are using other clubs’ grounds to play the sport.

He added: “It’s all very frustrating.

“We’d really struggle to pay £100 a month to carry on using the green.

“We’d probably be looking at the end of the club which would be a huge shame for the local area and very upsetting for all its members.”

The company which insists it owns the land is Adgiftdiscounts, an online shop selling promotional items.

A spokesman for the business said it was waiting to receive appropriate documentation from the Land Registry to prove it owns the area.

The spokesman provided the Derbyshire Times with a solicitor’s letter stating the company’s ownership of the land.

He added: “We want to let the club use the green but in order to do so they’ll have to pay for it as we own the land.”